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Some of the Best Valentine Day Gifts You Can Give Your Man

If you are good in the kitchen, cook a meal with his favorite foods and arrange a candlelight dinner for him. You can bake him a cake which has a romantic message written on top with delicious cream, or gift him a basket that has an assortment of cookies. Photo frames, candle holders, bookshelves, laptop stands, cabinets for his sporting goods, etc., are some of the options you can try making this Valentine's.

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The Four Primary Goals Of Psychology

There are basically four goals of psychology: to describe, to explain, to predict and to influence behavior. Sometimes the fifth goal of observing in order to understand a problem further is added, but the first four are generally those recognized as the main goals of the field. Some even place observe and describe in the same goal. Still, others may add the goal of improving. However, it is possible to understand the basics of psychology by examining and understanding its four main goals.

Describing and Explaining Behavior

The first goal of psychology is to observe and describe behavior. Differentiating between normal, healthy and unhealthy behaviors is the cornerstone of psychology, so it is important that psychologists have a keen sense of observation. Not only does the psychologist have to observe one's actions but also his or her attitudes, feelings, goals, motivations, reactions and thoughts to the best of his or her abilities. In addition to observation, psychologists have to use other methods to describe behavior including case studies, correlation studies, surveys and other testing.

Of course, these studies also go into the second goal of psychology, explaining. The attempt to explain behavior based on observation is actually rather difficult due to many factors. For instance, behavior varies among culture and can change over time. An accepted behavior in one culture may not be acceptable in another. Furthermore, as the world continues to expand (or grow smaller) through the use of technology, transferring acceptable modes of behavior to new technology can become confusing or create new modes of behavior.

Predicting and Influencing Behavior

The third goal of psychology is to predict behavior. Psychologists try to determine if a person is likely to make healthy or unhealthy decisions when confronted with certain situations. Most of the time, they will use experiments to make their predictions. A subject can be placed in an environment and given a stimulus or stimuli to see how he or she will perform. Sometimes, a psychologist will look at past behavior in order to predict. In any case, predictions can sometimes be wrong.

The last of the goals of psychology is to influence behavior. This can be to change unhealthy behavior as well as encourage already existing healthy behavior. There are many methods used to influence behavior such as positive reinforcement or rewarding good behavior. Cognitive discourse is also a well known method in which the psychology helps the subject get to the true underlying issues that may be behind unhealthy behaviors and attitudes.

Although the goals of psychology are universally the same, many psychologists will go about achieving these goals in different ways. Furthermore, they have to keep in mind that there are always exceptions. In other words, sometimes the behavior of a group does not necessarily mean that an individual that fits into that group will behave in a consistent manner and vice versa. However, psychology can be a useful tool despite its limitations to predict and prevent destructive behavior and reinforce healthy and positive attitudes and behaviors.

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Marriage and Relationship Therapists and counsellors

Western Cape

Philippa Cameron

Lesley-Anne Chorn

Lesley-Anne Chorn-Psychologist-Plumstead, Cape Town

I am a holistically orientated person, with an understanding that the mind, emotions, body and soul are intimately connected, so that each affects the other. When one gets out of balance, it throws the whole system out of balance. Getting to the root of the imbalance, and healing it, is what interests me.

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Nelson Mandela's 1st Johannesburg home neglected, shows South Africa's lack of progress

JOHANNESBURG - A small silver and blue plaque with the words "Mandela's Place" mounted on the brick wall of a small, dilapidated row house is the only recognition of the world-famous statesman who once lived there: Nelson Mandela.

There aren't even any signs in the sprawling Alexandra township to help visitors find their way along trash-strewn streets to get to the house. But the dusty and dangerous slum itself serves as a bleak reminder that nearly 20 years after Mandela became president, many of South Africa's black communities remain mired in poverty.

A trickle of poor Alexandra residents and their children showed up on Saturday to pay their respects to the anti-apartheid ch

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Family Websites

thematterofmymind.comThis blog is run by a teenage girl hoping to spread love, happiness, and peace through poetry and other various art forms. This is a personal blog for sharing my personal growth. This is a space for healing, sharing, and spreading personal and spiritual insight/knowledge.

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Way2flowersWay2flowers.com (a unit of Punsons Flora) is one of the leading flower delivery company established in 2008 in India. It is one stop solution for everyone's floral needs for Sending flowers online for any occasion anywhere across in the India.

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"Cops" Crew Member Shot During Real Robbery; Mom of Four Crushed by Giant Rock; Newborn Found in Trash; One-month-old Indiana Baby Boy Missing

Aired August 28, 2014 - 20:00 ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Omaha. A deadly shooting goes down during the filming of the reality show megahit "Cops." Bombshell

tonight. The death by gunshot wound wasn`t just for the cameras. This bullet is for real.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need a squad here now!


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Lisa Dales - Home - A psychologist based in Fourways/Sandton area offfering professional and confidential counselling and therapy

Counselling or psychotherapy is an interpersonal relationship with the aim to improve an individuals well being. It is essentially a talk therapy in which a variety of techniques are used to improve the mental wellbeing of an individual.

I am apsychologist who aims to provide a safe and supportive space in which individuals can explore and process difficult issues. I provide both short term counselling and longer term psychotherapy. Short term counselling assists individuals who are having difficulties adjusting to stressful life circumstances. Longer term therapy aims to facilitate personal development and growth. I work together with the individual to gain insight and understanding of behavioural patterns and relationships, as well as providing perspective and clarity on themselves and their interactions with the world around them.

I work with children, adolescents and adults on a variety of themes including:

Work related issues Stress Anxiety Loss and grief Trauma Mood difficulties Anger Relationships Parenting Child behavioural difficulties